Last Updated 12/14/2015

Celebrating the Holidays

& Zontian of the Year

Judith Hillis was honored on December 8th at our holiday dinner meeting as Zontian of the Year for 2015.  The Zonta Club of Glens Falls Past Presidents Committee recognized Judy as an outstanding Zontian who has dedicated her time and energy in our local and international community in improving the status of women through service and advocacy. 



Zontian of the Year 2015

Judith Hillis

Ms. Hillis has served on the Zonta Foundation Board of Directors, the Zonta Club of Glens Falls Board of Directors, and serves as Chairperson of our largest fundraiser, The Country Faire.

From Left:  President, Frances Bowen, Zontian of the Year, Judith Hillis, Past President's Committee Award given by Debra Grobe-Searles

Holiday Dinner Party at Jack's American Bistro

Holiday Elves and Zontians, Jane McEwan and Judy Hillis giving their time (and having fun!) on Saturday, December 12th at the Orvis Outlet Christmas wrapping booth.